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Joining the team

Joining the PHP Documentation team is a simple process, but a process nonetheless. It can be summarized as:

Write to a mailing list

Because official communication is done there, you should write to the proper list. Say "Hi" and what you're interested in doing. You may feel more comfortable lurking for a while, or reading the archives, but ultimately let the list know who you are.

For authors

You should send your message to the phpdoc@lists.php.net mailing list.

For translators

You should send your message to the appropriate doc-{LANG}@lists.php.net mailing list.

Informal discussion

The mailing lists above are the primary communication forum. However for more realtime and/or informal chat, some doc authors hang out in "Room 11" on Stackoverflow Chat: https://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/11/php

Create a doc patch or three

This step is required to show us that you are a real human, you want to do some work and in general know how to do this.

The simplest way to get started is by using GitHub, to create and send Pull Requests to php/doc-en or php/doc-{LANG} for translations.

Your Pull Requests will be then reviewed and accepted by someone with Git commit access.

Obtaining Git commit access

If you plan to contribute to the manual regularly, and want to do this more efficiently, you probably would like to be able to push to Git directly. This requires a PHP.net account.

To request one, please fill in this form.

Provide links to your work that has already been committed and/or list your current patches. Basically, tell us what you have done, to prove that you really need this account.

The next chapter will explain how to get the manual sources and how are they structured.