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Editing manual sources


Before making any changes to the manual - either the English version or a translation, make sure you have read the style guidelines!

Editing existing documentation

Simply open the files and edit them.

Adding new documentation

When adding new functions or methods, there are a couple of options.

Option A: Generating files using docgen

This is preferred way to generate files for new extensions, classes, functions or methods using docgen. The script is found in the doc-base repository and uses reflection to generate documentation (DocBook) files.

Option B: Copy skeleton files

This involves copying the skeleton files into the correct location:

cp doc-base/RFC/skeletons/method.xml classname/methodname.xml   #for new methods
cp doc-base/RFC/skeletons/function.xml functions/functionname.xml #for new functions

Note: classname, methodname and functionname are lowercased names of the class, method, or function, respectively, not a literal file name.

Remember the extension folder structure when copying those files.

Translating documentation

The translation process is described in the translating chapter.

Validating your changes

Every time you make changes to documentation sources (both English or translation), you have to validate your changes to ensure that the manual still builds without error. The necessary configure.php script is distributed with the doc-base repository, so you should already have it. All you have to do to validate changes is run configure.php:

$ cd phpdoc
$ php configure.php --with-lang={LANG}

If your language is English you can omit the with-lang argument. When the above outputs something like "All good. Saving .manual.xml… done." then you know it validates. You can commit your changes now.

Commit changes

If you have the appropriate [commit karma][karma], you can commit your modified files. Otherwise, create a Pull Request to have your changes reviewed by the team.

Viewing changes online

Documentation is built every night, at around 23:00 CST, then synced out to the website mirrors. However, there is a special mirror at docs.php.net - where the manual is updated from sources every four hours. If any errors occurred, a message will be delivered to the appropriate mailinglist (doc-{LANG}@lists.php.net).

Read more about manual builds in the builds appendix.

The next chapter contains style guidelines that you are obliged to follow. Read them carefully.