This tool allows you to check which files in your translation need updates. To show the list choose a directory (it doesn't work recursively) or translator.

When you click on the filename you will see the plaintext diff showing changes between revisions, so you will know what has changed in the English version and which information you need to update.You can also click on [diff] to show the colored diff.

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Translated file Changes Revision Maintainer Status
en fr
null.xml [diff] +14 -28 161dde4fe721309398dd324edbf02aec409f127b a8796e2f7135ffb53d71dbd4020fcf3ecca19e09 jpauli ready
configure.xml [diff] +3 -12 6681b88ea0429a139546ea9c71bb808e722c17b0 74521540deb0e1d1e89289bfabde006ee6744466 jpauli ready
configure.xml [diff] +1 -1 d73b9709de6633d289d11d3ae4696a9d78187b53 eec6a4a36bf452bf271f116e7b6b9bb09d1181c3 jpauli ready
reflectionmethod.xml [diff] +7 -7 54d585c09b94361a9485b0ed7705c6c51dc49deb 0f2aaf1898217a7202d54bf942fcbf43192ddf48 jpauli ready