This tool allows you to check which files in your translation need updates. To show the list choose a directory (it doesn't work recursively) or translator.

When you click on the filename you will see the plaintext diff showing changes between revisions, so you will know what has changed in the English version and which information you need to update.You can also click on [diff] to show the colored diff.

Choose a directory:

Or choose a translator:

Translated file Revision Maintainer Status
en zh
configure.xml [diff]339802297028 Avenger ready
constants.xml [diff]345744297028 Avenger ready
ftp-pasv.xml [diff]338890297028 Avenger ready
ftp-rename.xml [diff]341745297028 Avenger ready
ftp-nlist.xml [diff]343808297028 Avenger ready
ftp-set-option.xml [diff]343809297028 Avenger ready