This tool allows you to check which files in your translation need updates. To show the list choose a directory (it doesn't work recursively) or translator.

When you click on the filename you will see the plaintext diff showing changes between revisions, so you will know what has changed in the English version and which information you need to update.You can also click on [diff] to show the colored diff.

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Translated file Changes Revision Maintainer Status
en ru
reserved.xml [diff] +3 -2 360928c5efa8ebd586168d2660fc48d7fc6c9ba2 0780c1316035cca19a0267e58a03c8ed3701da76 mch ready
interfaces.xml [diff] +1 -0 360928c5efa8ebd586168d2660fc48d7fc6c9ba2 2c974ae7c41fefb4733acbe665ca66e568cbba59 mch ready
constants.xml [diff] +22 -0 f3eb91cb38d5145092e4388d7a1ec37616488eae a109454179d046c2083baffbbc09898fb01b1853 countzero ready
socket-get-option.xml [diff] +1 -1 f3eb91cb38d5145092e4388d7a1ec37616488eae a109454179d046c2083baffbbc09898fb01b1853 lex ready