This tool allows you to check which files in your translation need update. To show the list choose a directory (it doesn't works recursively) or translator.

When you click on the filename you will see plaintext diff showing changes between revisions so you will know what has changed in English version and what informations you need to update.You can also click on [diff] to show colored diff.

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Translated file Revision Maintainer Status
en pl
language-snippets.ent [diff]343532339529 leszek ready
reserved.constants.core.xml [diff]342973342185 joeaccord ready
reserved.xml [diff]343458341921 sobak ready
tokens.xml [diff]343347336602 sobak ready
intro.xml [diff]342891340940 sobak ready
general.xml [diff]342896340962 sobak ready
cookies.xml [diff]342891335235 joeaccord ready
exceptions.xml [diff]342628336948 sobak ready
constants.xml [diff]343089341804 sobak ready
variables.xml [diff]342845340239 sobak ready
functions.xml [diff]342597342208 sobak ready
php7.xml [diff]342629338227 sobak ready
exceptions.xml [diff]342629337354 sobak ready
clone.xml [diff]342988288721 sobak ready
getcode.xml [diff]342988337353 sobak ready
getmessage.xml [diff]342988337353 sobak ready
getfile.xml [diff]342988337353 sobak ready
construct.xml [diff]342988304663 sobak ready
gettrace.xml [diff]342988337353 sobak ready
tostring.xml [diff]342988337353 sobak ready
getline.xml [diff]342988337353 sobak ready
gettraceasstring.xml [diff]342988337353 sobak ready
getprevious.xml [diff]342988337353 sobak ready
argc.xml [diff]343409312956 sobak ready
argv.xml [diff]343409312956 sobak ready
array-diff-key.xml [diff]342691297028 sobak ready
array-unique.xml [diff]342752334426 joeaccord ready
book.xml [diff]343027340322 qrak ready
bcmod.xml [diff]343029297028 sobak ready
bcdiv.xml [diff]343028338333 sobak ready
get-object-vars.xml [diff]343199334605 sobak ready
setup.xml [diff]342647288721 joeaccord ready
book.xml [diff]342647330340 joeaccord ready
file-get-contents.xml [diff]343110340032 sobak ready
constants.xml [diff]342548341082 joeaccord ready
password-hash.xml [diff]343511334703 sobak ready
pg-convert.xml [diff]342953332864 garbus ready
session-regenerate-id.xml [diff]342023332711 joeaccord ready
number-format.xml [diff]343514342074 sobak ready
examples.xml [diff]342771297028 dombal ready
is-long.xml [diff]335292297028 joeaccord ready
is-integer.xml [diff]335292297028 joeaccord ready
utf8-encode.xml [diff]343495340507 cyb0org ready
utf8-decode.xml [diff]343495340506 joeaccord ready