This tool allows you to check which files in your translation need updates. To show the list choose a directory (it doesn't work recursively) or translator.

When you click on the filename you will see the plaintext diff showing changes between revisions, so you will know what has changed in the English version and which information you need to update.You can also click on [diff] to show the colored diff.

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Translated file Changes Revision Maintainer Status
en de
language-snippets.ent [diff] no data 125e2d067e2d73a5d467498bb4d186a674eeb32d 125e2d067e2d73a5d467498bb4d186a674eeb32d simp wip
assert.xml [diff] +1 -1 588a44da9000e41d3d269f088569ff92b9fae176 389525942dd551c9b1943d404d76c03ab4a6203b cmb wip
getenv.xml [diff] +21 -19 1299a9808782769bba9f6a48bf52cb1c68182e78 8dd14a886c7e954cef181c374b6f05cc7149e643 hholzgra ready
headers-sent.xml [diff] +6 -0 b4989f5c1f052314ff2c36e9cc3d56b3a7a24e9b 0c9c2dd669fe9395eaa73d487fbd160f9057429a sammywg ready