PEAR specific DocBook extensions

The DocBook extensions listed here are only available when using a PEAR theme.

Linking to PEAR API documentation: <phd:pearapi> (Tag)

A large part of the PEAR manual is about packages and how to use them. Package authors often find they need to link to the API documentation of a specific method, variable or class of their package. To ease the linking process, the <phd:pearapi> tag was introduced.

You can let PhD automatically create the link text by just closing the tag, or specify the tag text via the tag's content.

Package links

phd:package name is put into the attribute, any text:

<phd:pearapi phd:package="HTML_QuickForm"/>
<phd:pearapi phd:package="HTML_QuickForm">some text</phd:pearapi>

Class links

Class name as phd:linkend attribute value.

<phd:pearapi phd:package="HTML_QuickForm" phd:linkend="HTML_QuickForm_element"/>
<phd:pearapi phd:package="HTML_QuickForm" phd:linkend="HTML_QuickForm_element">some text</phd:pearapi>

Class method links

Class and method name as phd:linkend text, separated by a double colon.

<phd:pearapi phd:package="HTML_QuickForm" phd:linkend="HTML_QuickForm_element::setName"/>
<phd:pearapi phd:package="HTML_QuickForm" phd:linkend="HTML_QuickForm_element::setName">some text</phd:pearapi>

Class variable links

Class and variable name as phd:linkend text, separated by a double colon and a dollar sign before the variable name.

<phd:pearapi phd:package="Net_Geo" phd:linkend="Net_Geo::$cache_ttl"/>
<phd:pearapi phd:package="Net_Geo" phd:linkend="Net_Geo::$cache_ttl">some text</phd:pearapi>