General DocBook extensions

The extensions listed here are available in all PhD themes and formats.

Manual chunking with "phd:chunk" (Attribute)

PhD automatically chooses which sections, chapters or other tags get their own file (chunk) when using a chunked theme. Sometimes the result of this automatism is not optimal and you want to fine-tune it. The attribute "phd:chunk" is offered as solution by PhD.

Allowed values

phd:chunk may have values true and false. They force the element to be chunked or not.

Allowed in

phd:chunk may be used in every tag that accepts » db.common.attributes.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<preface xmlns=""

Generating Table Of Contents: <phd:toc> (Tag)

To manually insert a Table Of Contents (TOC) that creates a list of links to children elements of a specified tag.


Allowed in

<phd:toc> is can be used everywhere <para> is allowed.


You can add a title with <title>.


Attributes for <phd:toc>
Attribute name Description Default value
phd:element ID of the element whose children shall be linked none
phd:toc-depth Depth of the TOC/Number of levels 1